A Day in The Life of an Automator

By Dhnesh on Nov. 3, 2020, 9:38 a.m.

A sounding message from my phone woke me up on a Tuesday Morning.

As the clock ticks 8, Alexa reminded me of my meditation session. A skillset I customized which downloads Sam Harris mediation sessions from Youtube and play them day wise.

As I finished my breakfast, I noticed I was getting late and I open my android app(built in kivy) and gave a command 'book an uber ', the Google's gtts processed that fast, took my Mobile Location and created webhook to Uber.com.  My default destination is already set To My office Location in the backend. Uber arrived in 7 minutes and I was off to work.

It was a cold morning and our official starting time is 9 Am. Office Biometrics are fine but My PM makes a fat face when his Day Start Email is ignored or not Acknowledged on time. And most of us never reach office on time. So my Gmail's API Services always looking for an Email from my PM email. And when found one it responds with 'Acknowledged' when I am in the lift or flirting with HR at halfway.

During Checking The Last Day's Commits of my team , an email notification arrived, which titled 'Website Down'. Thanks to the cron job set for every 2 minutes checking status code for our Product Website. Its integrated with our office work system and  shoot a group message to our Dev's and till the time our CEO knew, it is fixed.

As I was surfing in Office, I thought of checking my YouTube channel  and noticed some of my videos stopped getting views. All Hail Google's YouTube APIs which gets started from the same Kivy App. It needs a voice command and it took comments from my library  with the respect to video content with a link to my YT video and start posting them on the relevant channels to promote it again. Googles auth limit is a joke when they let you create unlimited projects on one account.

Being Technical, How would you feel when your CEO asks you to take care of Social Media Marketing of the Product. And he had a valid reason for that "Marketing Team is not Technical enough for our Product". It took 2 freakish hours for me to write a script which will look for Emails having Images of our Social Media Handlers from our UI Team and Posting them to relevant channels. No, i don't write title's and hashtags when Trained MS-COCO dataset can auto-caption your images and provides genuine hashtags. 

It was lunch and I got a text message from my close friend but I don't want to waste that precious hour indoor when you have craving for some Street Food. I left a draft in my email and my gmail watcher picked it up and started my NLP bot trained on over 50k messages from Whatsapp,Facebook,Instagram. The catch was if the bot confidence thresholds was below 50% I left a default message list with hmmm, ohkay, with some random emojis. And most of the times it holds her for 20-25 mins.

Most of my co-workers think i am not loyal, spending half of my time just staring or sleeping in Office. They are right indeed why should i do something when all the Services has already been created.

After so hectic in the office, I reached home. I rang the doorbell when my Mom was notified by Alexa after recognising my ugly face with the same alexa skill-set. I was about to push myself on the sofa,but I heared my father from another room saying "This Radio is not catching signals again, can you fix this"