Are We Living in A Simulation?

By Dhnesh on Nov. 3, 2020, 9:40 a.m.

The odds that we are in Base Reality is One in Billions.

Humanity is not really evolved to think of existential threats. We as humans think about near-term threats or get upset with other humans. Around 40 years we had only pong, a two rectangles and a circular dot game and now we have PhotoRealistic 3-D Simulation with millions of People Playing  simultaneously. The Technology with AI is getting better day by day. The Machines with so much of data harvesting and complex algorithms processing them, What do you think where would it lead to ?

Those Games are indistinguishable from reality and we would not be able to tell if its real or in Simulation. As the algorithms and hardware improve, this Digital Intelligence will exceed biological Intelligence by  substantial margins. The movie The Matrix had already done its part to popularize the notion of simulated realities. And it's not just the movies, it's happening right before our eyes. The Virtual reality completely supersedes your surroundings, it will take you to any place on earth. Here your physical  existence does not matter doesn't matter. In games, you might be walking on the edge of the Eiffel Tower or Fighting Terrorists in Afganistans. Yes The world is f#@!-ing weird. The philosophers have hypothesized in this direction for hundred of years. There are additionally numerous thesis that flirts with re-enactment in the appearance of extremist solipsism. Regardless of whether life is only a cutting edge game, I'm comforted by our logical superheroes.

Proof That Its A Simulation:

1. The findings of quantum physics may shed some doubt on the fact that the material universe is real
2. Nobody knows what are the limits of computing powers
3. Malicious code composed into DNA contaminates the computer that understands it
4. When conversing with any account on Social Media, can you tell if its a Human or Bot precisely. For a fact Instagram has as many as 95 million bot accounts exists till date
5. Mathematicians have proved that a universal computing machine can create an artificial world that is itself capable of simulating its own world.

Regulate the AI:

The regulation of artificial intelligence is the advancement of public sector policies and laws for promoting and regulating AI. We are going at a rate that will not be controllable in near-future. What Happened in Us Elections is a small example of What AI can achieve with processing a bit of data. Tech Giants like Google published their own AI principles to support and direct moral development and applications of the AI. We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes
Quoted Elon Musk in an Interview. No Doubt AI is a Revolutionary Discovery for Humanity. But if used correctly.

To Beat the Machines, we have to merge with them. If we are in a Simulation, whoever's controlling my life needs to do better