WebAnalyzer - A Phenomenon

By Dhnesh on Feb. 7, 2021, 2:16 p.m.

The Complete Analyzer

When I was starting my IT Journey in 2017, I had a tough choice back then to choose the carrier option. I had passed my Graduation in Chemical Engineering. Then at the end of my final year, I realized the idea of inventing things would be cool. I liked Computers but was amazed by how much one can do with the machine. Later I entered Web Development.
From registering a domain to code the website, designing, optimizing, and get it tested. There are a lot of steps involved. Exploring the Open Source Community and other commercial software i did not find a tool that analyzes the whole process in one go. There are different tools for ResponsiveTest, W3 standards Check, Black Box Testing. Then IN 2019, we decided to create a tool webanalyzer.io which will take care of all these above steps. To show the complex things happening to your website in layman's terms so that you can understand what is happening under the hood. 

Let's See What WebAnalyzer can do:

1. Finding Website Design and Loading Issues: The first thing that a Software Developer/Tester does after deploying a website to test the design issues, responsiveness, loading experience, and network-throttling.
WebAnalyzer scans your website for these mentioned factors and bundles them in a report for you to review and fix the website.

2. Load Testing
Stress Test your site to check how many clients or requests a website can deal with. Most Websites go very slow or do not respond due to more requests processing or weak servers. So WebAnalyzer Simulates maximum requests to test your sites to guarantee they can deal with top traffic conditions. 

3. Google LightHouse Testing
Running LightHouse on an Emulated Device will run a blast of tests, and Generates a report on Page Performance. We have inbuilt Google LightHouse so that you will do your Website Performance effortlessly.

4. Mobile Testing
Test and Analyze Real-Time Website Loading Experience on Mobile Devices. Investigating Mobile Friendliness, View Ports, Responsiveness, and Real-Time Mobile Device Loading Experience from different locations of the world.

5. Security Testing:
Some of them don't believe if a Hack is conceivable except if they ran over one. Other people who contribute an appropriate group on their item security and as it should be. WebAnalyzer Finds Common Web Application Vulnerabilities and Server Configuration Issues. Enter the site area, and discover Server Leaks or Threats like Phishing, Domain Spoofing, Cross-Site Scripting, PenTesting.

On top of That WebAnalyzer uses AI so that you can Optimize and Enhance your website images without worrying about the WebPage Load Time.